1. Imunosil

    It is an herbal complex that stimulates immunity, the contained active substance increase the body’s defences and help prevent the deficiency of the required vitamins and minerals. It is especially recommended for colds and during the period of viral infections to strengthen the body.

    ● The echinacea extract, which is used for thousands of years for strengthening immunity because it contains biologically active substances that activate the immune system, helps defeat viruses and bacteria.

    ● Spirulina (blue-green algae) is very valuable for the body – it contains a variety of amino acids, minerals and unsaturated fatty acids.

    ● The pine bark dry extract is a powerful antioxidant, its antioxidant effect is 20 times greater than vitamin C and 50 times greater than vitamin E, it has also an anti-inflammatory activity.


    Usage instructions:
    It is recommended to take internally 1 capsule 2 times per day.
    It is also recommended for children from the age of 12.

    One package contains 30 capsules.

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